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Western Cape Education Department present a Bursary Competition 2017- 2018
March 3, 2017 Accounting Bursaries

Closing Date: 27 October 2017

Nedbank, Provincial Treasury & the Western Cape Education Department present a Bursary Competition for Grade 11 students who plan to pursue careers in maths, economics & accounting.

What can I win?

Winners of the Competition are awarded a cash amount and the opportunity to access a study bursary to pursue a three year degree/diploma in the fields of economics, finance, mathematics, accountancy and/or commerce, at one of the Universities in the Western Cape.

What do I need to do?

Essay Task Scenario:

“South Africa’s membership of the block of leading emerging economies and its unique position in Africa heralded the country’s role as a gateway into the African continent.

However, trade experts question whether it can live up to this position as investors begin to increasingly look towards other African markets.

Investments previously destined for South Africa are more and more diverted to the likes of Nigeria and Kenya. Though it is unlikely to immediately become a flood, if current trends continue, then in 10 years’ time, the reality may be very different. ”

In your essay you are required to:

Critically analyze the above-mentioned reference to South Africa’s current leading role in Africa. Make a comparison between the economic and social indicators of South Africa and its main economic contender, and make recommendations to the South African Government and private sector to secure South Africa’s role as leading economy on the African continent.

Note: The essay must:

  • be well researched
  • consist of a minimum of 2200 words
  • conform to the required layout.

How to Apply

Click Here to Apply

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