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ABSIP bursary South Africa 2018 – 2019
January 10, 2017 Bursaries

ABSIP Bursary South Africa 2017 – 2018



The Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP) was founded in 1995 to fill the gap in the market for black professionals in the investment and securities industry. Today the ABSIP includes sub-sectors like Corporate Finance, Corporate Banking, Asset Management, Investment Banking, Private Banking, Retail Banking, Stock Broking, Insurance, Private Equity, Financial Consulting and Development Finance Institutions.


One of the ABSIP’s main priorities is education and academic excellence, hence the offering of bursary awards to deserving students. The bursary programme commenced in 2013 and is still going strong.


Applicants must satisfy the following minimum entry criteria before applying:

  • South African citizen,
  • Proven academic excellence,
  • Intend on following a career within the financial sector,
  • Black student (Coloured, Indian, Black),
  • From a disadvantaged background.



Application Forms can be downloaded online at: OR requested via email:
Please include the following supporting documentation with your complete application form:

  • Matric mid-year and final results (certified copies),
  • ID document (certified copy),
  • Parents or guardian’s ID document (certified copies),
  • Parents or guardian’s pay-slips (if employed) (certified copy),
  • Parents or guardian’s sworn affidavit (if unemployed),
  • Parents or guardian’s proof of income (if pensioners).


Application forms and supporting documents must be sent via
Fax: 0865495147
Email: or


15 January annually.


For any bursary related queries, please contact:
Tel: 011 483 0844
Email: or

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