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Dept of Water and Sanitation pre and post graduate bursary South Africa 2017-2018
May 13, 2015 Bursaries

Closing Date – 31 August 2017

Bursary Criteria

Bursaries will be allocated on the basis of a balanced consideration of the following factors:

  •     Academic performance
  •     Race and gender
  •     Financial need
  •     Need of DWA in reference of the specific qualification
  •     An interview schedule

Assistance will be provided on a year-to-year basis and bursaries will be renewed only if performance of bursars is satisfactory.

Successful applicants to the bursary scheme receive the following support:

  •     Full tertiary registration and tuition costs
  •     Residence and meal fees
  •     Book allowance
  •     An annual personal allowance

Currently bursaries for the full time pre and post-graduate studies are granted on an annual basis to learners at the following South African universities:

  •     University of Pretoria
  •     University of Kwa-Zulu Natal
  •     University of the Free State
  •     University of Cape Town
  •     University of Stellenbosch
  •     University of the Western Cape
  •     University of Limpopo
  •     Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  •     Walter Sisulu University
  •     Tshwane University of Technology
  •     Durban University of Technology
  •     Central University of Technology
  •     Cape Peninsula University of Technology
  •     Vaal University of Technology
  •     University of Venda
  •     University of Witwatersrand
  •     University of Johannesburg
  •     University of Zululand
  •     Rhodes University

Students pursuing the following fields of study are eligible to apply for this bursary:

  •     Analytical Chemistry
  •     Aquatic Sciences
  •     Biochemistry
  •     Biological Sciences
  •     Cartography
  •     Engineering
  •     Civil Engineering
  •     Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current)
  •     Mechanical Engineering
  •     Environmental Law
  •     Environmental Management
  •     Environmental Science
  •     Geo-chemistry
  •     Geographical information Systems
  •     Geo-hydrology
  •     Geology
  •     Hydrology
  •     Limnology
  •     Microbiology
  •     Surveying
  •     Water and Sanitation
  •     Water Care
  •     Water Resource Management
  •     Water Utilisation

DWA will require bursars who obtain their qualifications to join the Water Learning Academy on a fixed term contract with DWA for a period of maximum of five (5) years but not less than three (3) years. Should bursars choose not to meet this obligation the bursars will be required to reimburse DWA for all monies spent on the tertiary studies, inclusive of calculated interest.

Download and fill in this application form

To apply for the bursary and follow the instructions carefully.

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